BonePainII Virtual Open Symposium 12 May 2022

The BonePainII Training Network is pleased to announce the online BonePainII Open Symposium on

Thursday 12 May 2022 14:00-15:10 (London-time):

Dr Nicholas Ryba, Senior Investigator, Sensory Biology and Pain, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), US (14:00-14:40): “Transcriptomic analysis reveals similarities as well as striking differences between somatosensory neurons in humans and mice”.

Dr Kim Henriksen, Director of Endocrinology, Nordic Bioscience, Denmark (14:40-15:10): “Translation From in Vivo to the Clinic”.

If this has your interest, please join using the following credentials:

Password: 942617

Dr Nicolas Ryba joined NIDCR to establish an independent group studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the perception of taste and smell. Dr Ryba’s section focuses primarily on understanding the biology of taste, but has recently started to work on other aspects of sensory biology including mechanisms involved in pain. 

Dr Kim Henriksen joined Nordic Bioscience in 2002 and assumed the position of director of endocrinology in 2018. His research focuses on the identification and development of novel peptide therapies for metabolic diseases such as obesity, NASH, and type 2 diabetes, and has led to the patenting and development of two families of peptides, KBPs and OXMs, which are rapidly moving toward clinical development.