BonePainII PhD student presents his research at conference in Grenoble

Matthijs van der Moolen, a BonePainII PhD student, gave a poster presentation at the 4th annual EUROoCS Conference on 4-5 July 2022 in Grenoble, France. EUROoCS is the European Organ-on-Chip Society.

Matthijs had the great opportunity to present his research into bone-related neuropathy driven by cancer metastasize. At poster stand 34 (out of around 170 poster stands at the conference), he was able to bring interested visitors up-to-speed on how he and fellow researchers are modelling tumour innervation using Microelectrode Arrays (MEAs) and 3D glass printing at the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute in Germany in close collaboration with FEMTOprint SA, Switzerland. An amazing two days of Organ-on-Chip science and always wonderful catching up with fellow PhDs and post-docs researchers scattered across Europe. Till next year!

Matthijs van den Moolen, BonePainII PhD student at the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute in Germany.