Strong BonePain representation in the 2nd Danish Bone Research Workshop

On the first weekend of February, February 1-3, 2019, the 2nd Danish Bone Research workshop took place in Sønderborg, Denmark, see the beautiful setting of the workshop below. The workshop is an initiative to promote interaction between bone researchers. It is organized by the University of Southern Denmark with the support of the Danish Bone Society and the International Osteoporosis Foundation. Thomas Levin Andersen, Associate Professor at University of Southern Denmark and partner in the BonePain network is the president of the organising committee.

The programme of the workshop covered topics ranging from basic to clinical bone research and included  presentations by the BonePain network members Camilla Svensson, Professor at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, and Thomas Levin Andersen, University of Southern Denmark.

At the workshop PhD students, postdocs and other researchers and clinicians had the opportunity to present their latest research in the form of scientific posters, which they also presented orally for the audience.

Two of the Early Stage Researchers (ESR) of the BonePain network, Marta Díaz del Castillo,  the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and Resti Rudjito,, the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, had the opportunity to share their BonePain research with the bone research community. Another BonePain ESR, Manasi Sayilekshmy, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, attended this international workshop for the second time, as she was also an attendee in the 2018.

Marta Diaz, who is now a research assistant at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, the University of Copenhagen, was elected as the winner of the poster competition organized by the Danish Research Workshop, involving a 5000 DKK price to be spent for participating in an international conference. We hope that our BonePain members will continue to have a strong role in the next edition of the Danish Bone Research Workshop!