Outreach: BonePain stand attracted large number of visitors at the Copenhell music festival

‘Copenhell’ is one of the biggest Scandinavian heavy metal festivals, held annually in Copenhagen. Copenhell, which took place 21-23 June 2018, combines some of the biggest names in the heavy metal scene with dozens of thematic stands, focusing in a wide range of topics from tattooing to pain research. 

That’s right! This year, two of the BonePain early stage researchers participated in an outreach activity to spread awareness about pain, bone pain (and BonePain) and pain research. 

The ‘Pain stand’ attracted a lot of interest: It is estimated that over 300 festival-goers visited it. Here, the heavy metal fans learned about BonePain research goals and methodology, and enthusiastically tested their pain thresholds. Attendees were offered to participate in three different pain tests measuring cold, mechanical and electrical pain thresholds (and nobody got injured!). 

Men and women from all ages and different nationalities, including children, took part in these tests and experienced first-hand the insides of pain research. The large amount of people visiting the ‘Pain stand’ attracted even larger crowds, and soon the metal fans were lining up to get an insight into pain biology and ask plenty of questions. This outreach activity was definitely a big success for our Danish research teams!

Above: BonePain Early Stage Researchers Marta Diaz del Castillo, University of Copenhagen, and Anna Katri, Nordic Bioscience (from left to right).