Outreach: Talk by BonePainII PhD student on her contribution to fighting pain

Clarissa Butti, a BonePainII PhD student at University College London, UCL, UK, was invited as a speaker at an event organised by the Rotary Club Lecco Le Grigne in Lecco, Italy, 21 April 2022. The title of her talk was “From theory to action: my little contribution in fighting pain”.

Clarissa started by presenting her research group at UCL, the Molecular Nociception Group and the BonePainII Consortium. She then broadly explained the mechanisms of pain perception, the different types of pain with a focus on chronic pain, osteoarthritis as an example of disease linked to chronic pain and she finally introduced the BonePainII Patient Ambassador Group (PAG) initiative.

The presentation was followed by questions and discussion. The audience was the general public and included a few physicians and a woman suffering of chronic pain. 

  • Clarissa Butti, UCL and the president of the Rotary Club Lecco Le Grigne, Diego Frigerio.