PhD defence by Anna Katri, Nordic Bioscience

On December 6th, 2018, Anna Katri defended her PhD. Anna conducted a three-year PhD study within the BonePain network at the drug development company Nordic Bioscience, located in Herlev (just 20 minutes from Copenhagen), Denmark.

 Her PhD thesis was assessed by Gordon Munro, Senior Research Scientist, the Danish Headache Center, Denmark, Professor Chantal Chenu from the Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences at the Royal Veterinary College of London, United Kingdom and the chairman Professor Jens Juul Holst from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Basic Metabolic Research at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Anna defended her thesis, titled ’Dual amylin and calcitonin receptor agonist as a treatment for arthritic diseases’ surrounded by friends, family and co-workers from both Nordic Bioscience and the University of Copenhagen. 

In her PhD study, Anna tested the efficacy of a disease-modifying drug developed in Nordic Bioscience in animal models of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, two of the most common arthritic disorders. Anna has visited several research institutions and pharmaceutical companies within the BonePain network during her study, including the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, the Karolinska Institute, Sweden and Grünenthal, Germany, and performed different techniques such as animal research, cell culture, immunohistochemistry, and computed tomography.

Above: Professor Chantal Chenu, the Royal Veterinary College, Anna Katri, Professor Jens Juul Holst, University of Copenhagen, and Dr. Gordon Munro, the Danish Headache Center.