Day in the Life of a BonePainII PhD-student at the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen (NMI)

My name is Matthijs van der Moolen and I am a PhD-student in the Neuro-microphysiological Systems Group of Dr. Paolo Cesare. I invite you to watch this short-but-sweet impression of what a typical day of research looks like for an ESR in the BonePain II network. (Clearly a lot of fun!)

I am working on establishing an in vitro model for arthritis/cancer-induced bone pain, which summarizes what is observed in vivowithin a highly controlled environment. We are interested in how we can capture the concept of dysfunctional innervation of diseased tissues, considered as potentially responsible for bone pain. Our approach involves the integration of non-standardized microelectrode arrays (MEAs) into a 3-D printed glass chip, suitable for the culture and analysis of sensory neurons in close association with tissues of choice.